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Here is an example of Stephens' beautiful industrial work, an iris print from a photo he took of a mine shaft crane.  Iris print is the term used to describe the process of adding two or more colors directly to the screen in order to create a color gradation.
Here is another poster created from a photo Stephen took of the Rhine River in Basel, Switzerland.
A beautiful botanical image which Stephen designed and printed for the dance event Flickflauder
This is another poster for the event Flickflauder.  Stephen and Colby designed the poster together.
This is a saw-grass weevil created by Colby for an entomologist with a lot of style!
This is the second of Colby's continuing series of fully hand-crafted adventurous female dolls and puppets.
This pirate puppet is the prototype for the puppet and doll series, made of plaster, wood, wire, paint, human hair and cloth.
A big part of Safran House is the miniature homestead project embarked upon as a life-long experiment in becoming self sufficient, sustainable and satisfied with how we live.
This is our first garden.  Plans for a larger and more complete garden are on the table.  Our goal is to produce all of our vegetables and vine/bush fruits ourselves year around.
If you're looking for inspired unique works of art and artistic tattoos, you've come to the right place. At Safran House everything is made by our own hands either as a completely unique item or one that is a limited edition and is signed and numbered.  We take the time to do it right whether it is a one of a kind tattoo you are looking for, that perfect piece of art to remind you of your time in New Zealand, a rocking hot poster for your special event, or just that amazing slice of home baked apple pie you are eating as you stroll through the gallery.  O.k., the pie won't be signed and numbered, but we aim to leave you wondering why it wasn't.
Starting on September 23rd, any tour cyclist passing Safran House while it is raining is warmly invited to a hot bowl of veggie soup or a hot beverage gratis.

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 Welcome to Safran House 
Safran House Is located on the wild and majestic West Coast of New Zealand's South Island.  The project is a two person Artistic Collaboration, encompassing an art gallery, a printing studio and a tattoo studio all under one roof.  My name is Colby Smith and I am a tattooist, a painter,  sculptor and puppet maker.  Stephen Tschopp, my partner and husband is an artist, graphic designer and silk screen printer.  We both live and work within the project, fully immersed in the creative process from sun rise to sunset. 
We aim to create and develop a space in which artistic vision and creativity are given room to thrive. It is also a space to share artistic visions and resources.
You will find these values and visions reflected in all of the artworks that we produce.  

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"Arty Future for Landmark Cottage"
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